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breakaway departing abruptly and irrevocably from an established group, position, routine, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
bureaucracy a system of administration characterized by excessive routine and inflexible rules. [1/2 definitions]
chore a routine task, esp. around the house or yard. [1/2 definitions]
day-to-day occurring daily; routine. [1/2 definitions]
dehumanize to deprive of individuality, spirit, or other human qualities; render routine or mechanical.
everyday pertaining to daily occurrences or routine matters. [1/2 definitions]
groove (informal) a fixed routine, considered as being effective, or as being humdrum and boring. [1/7 definitions]
habit an act performed regularly; routine. [1/5 definitions]
hack2 one who is hired to do routine or unpleasant tasks, esp. a writer hired to produce uncreative and unimaginative work; drudge. [1/12 definitions]
in harness engaged in one's customary work routine. [1/2 definitions]
instant replay the reshowing of a short televised segment, as of a football play or gymnastic routine, often in slow motion, immediately after it has been initially recorded and broadcast.
lock step a condition of following a routine procedure precisely and mindlessly. [1/2 definitions]
matter-of-course occurring in the normal or logical course of events; inevitable; routine. [1/2 definitions]
mechanics the technical or automatic aspects or parts of a thing or activity; mechanism or routine. [1/3 definitions]
mechanistic automatic or routine; mechanical. [1/3 definitions]
mechanize to cause to act, do, or exist in an automatic or routine manner. [1/3 definitions]
milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
mill1 an establishment or process that takes a routine, mechanical approach to matters that should be treated more significantly. [1/9 definitions]
nonroutine combined form of routine.
paperwork routine written or clerical work that accompanies business or other transactions.
pencil pusher (informal) one who does routine office work involving writing, record-keeping, and the like.