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craggy marked by or having crags; rugged, steep, or rough. [1/2 definitions]
hardy able to endure hardship; rugged; courageous. [1/2 definitions]
hike to take a long walk, esp. in the country or through rugged terrain, as for enjoyment, exercise, or training. [2/6 definitions]
jeep a small motor vehicle usu. equipped with four-wheel drive and suited to use in rugged terrain, originally developed for military use and later adapted for civilian use. [1/2 definitions]
mountain bike a bicycle made for riding on rugged, uphill terrain.
sierra a chain of mountains or hills that have rugged peaks suggestive of saw teeth. [1/2 definitions]
tweed a coarse, rugged woolen cloth woven in a twill pattern, used esp. for coats and suits. [1/2 definitions]