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dump (informal) a house, town, or other place that is dirty, run-down, or despised. [1/10 definitions]
grungy (slang) dirty, messy, run-down; unpleasant.
heap (slang) a run-down car. [1/7 definitions]
inner city the neighborhoods in or closest to the center of a city, usu. old, run-down, and inhabited by poor and disadvantaged people.
rattletrap an unstable, rickety, rattling object, esp. a run-down automobile.
rattrap a building or place that is filthy or severely run-down. [1/2 definitions]
seedy squalid; run-down. [1/3 definitions]
shabby showing signs of wear; threadbare; run-down. [1/4 definitions]
skid row a run-down part of a city, frequented by society's outcasts; slum area.
tenement house an overcrowded, usu. run-down apartment building, esp. one in a slum area of an urban region.