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bag a flexible container, usu. made of cloth, paper, or leather, and used to hold things; sack; pouch. [1/11 definitions]
drogue an anchor, esp. a canvas sack used for slowing a boat and keeping her prow into the wind. [1/2 definitions]
gunnysack a large sack made of burlap.
mailbag a large, usu. canvas, bag or sack used to transport large quantities of mail. [1/2 definitions]
packsack a sack or bag of canvas or leather that can be carried by straps over the shoulders.
sack1 the amount contained in a sack; sackful. [2/7 definitions]
sackful the amount a sack can or does hold.
sack race a race in which each contestant has both legs confined in a sack and moves forward by jumping.
sandbag a sack full of sand, used to build a fortification or to serve as ballast. [2/5 definitions]