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balata a tropical American tree with dark red wood that yields a latex sap. [2 definitions]
bloodroot a North American spring wildflower that bears a single white flower and has a fleshy red root that yields a toxic red sap.
guayule a small woody shrub, with sap from which rubber can be made. [2 definitions]
lactescent forming or exuding a milky sap, as certain plants. [1/3 definitions]
latex the sticky, usu. milky sap of certain plants such as the rubber tree, that coagulates when exposed to air. [1/2 definitions]
maple any of numerous related deciduous hardwood trees found in temperate zones, cultivated as ornamentals or for their wood or sweet sap. [1/2 definitions]
maple sugar a sweet, yellowish brown, crystalline substance obtained by fully reducing the syrup made from the sap of maple trees.
maple syrup a sweet, viscous liquid made by reducing the sap from maple trees.
opium poppy a Eurasian annual poppy having grayish-green leaves and bearing large white, red, pink, or purple flowers, and oily seeds, the unripe pods of which may be harvested for their opium-containing sap.
palmyra a fan palm of Asia and Africa cultivated for its durable wood, its edible fruit, its sap, used for beverages, and its leaves, used for thatching.
rosin a translucent, yellow-brown, brittle residue of the distillation of turpentine from pine sap, used as a friction-increasing agent, as on the bows of certain stringed instruments, and in manufacturing varnish, inks, and soap. [1/3 definitions]
rosinweed any of several related, composite, North American plants that have a resinous sap, sticky exterior, and strong aroma, such as the compass plant or the gum plant.
rubber1 a highly elastic solid made of dried and coagulated sap or latex from various tropical plants, esp. the rubber tree. [1/9 definitions]
rubber plant any of several plants that yield a milky sap from which crude rubber can be coagulated. [1/2 definitions]
sap1 to drain of sap. [1/4 definitions]
sap2 to approach (an enemy fortification) by means of a sap or a system of saps. [1/4 definitions]
sappy full of or covered with sap. [1/3 definitions]
sapsucker either of two types of woodpecker native to North America that feed on the sap and insects of certain trees.
sapwood the newer, softer layers of wood, between the bark and the heartwood, that conduct water and sap in a tree.
spile a tap or spout driven into a sugar maple through which the sap is drawn off. [1/4 definitions]
succulent full of juice or sap; juicy. [1/3 definitions]