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cicatrix tissue that forms over a fresh wound and eventually contracts into a scar; scar tissue. [2 definitions]
cicatrize to cause to heal by forming a cicatrix or scar. [2 definitions]
disfigurement the result of being disfigured, such as a permanent scar. [1/2 definitions]
hilum a scar on a seed formed where it was formerly attached to the seed stalk. [1/2 definitions]
keloid an excessive growth of new skin occurring in skin that has been injured or operated upon surgically; scar tissue.
mark1 something such as a spot, line, or scar that is visible on a surface. [1/16 definitions]
photocoagulation a technique using intense light energy, such as a laser beam, to produce scar tissue, as in the treatment of certain eye disorders, and in biological research.
pock the scar left by such a swelling, or a small hole resembling such a scar. [1/3 definitions]
pockmark to cover or scar with pockmarks. [1/2 definitions]
scar to cause a scar on. [3/5 definitions]
scarless combined form of scar.
sear1 a discoloration, wound, scar, or the like that results from searing. [1/5 definitions]