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calendar a chronological list of important events; schedule. [1/4 definitions]
COLA an adjustment in wages or payments, or an automatic schedule of such adjustments, based on changes in the cost of living (acronym for "cost of living adjustment").
extra an edition of a newspaper that is added to a regular publication schedule. [1/8 definitions]
itinerary a travel route, or a plan for travel including a route, stopping places, and schedule. [1/4 definitions]
nonscheduled of a passenger or cargo carrier, not operating on a regular schedule.
planner a notebook used to note assignments or schedule events or appointments. [1/2 definitions]
preschedule combined form of schedule.
program a plan of procedure; schedule. [3/11 definitions]
rematch to schedule a repeated match for or between teams or contestants. [1/2 definitions]
run to move between places on a schedule, as trains or buses. [1/36 definitions]
schedule to enter into an existing schedule. [1/5 definitions]
slate a record, schedule, or list. [2/6 definitions]
stagger to schedule or arrange in different time periods. [1/8 definitions]
steering committee a committee that determines the schedule and business agenda of a legislative body or the like.
tariff a government tax on imports or exports, or a rate or schedule of such taxes; duty. [2/3 definitions]
time to set or choose the time for; schedule. [1/18 definitions]
timetable a schedule listing the times at which or within which certain events, such as the arrival and departure of trains, buses, and airplanes, are to occur.
tramp a cargo ship with no fixed route or schedule; tramp steamer. [1/12 definitions]
wage scale a schedule of the wages paid to workers in a given industry or locality, or paid by a given employer.