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abrade to make rough or injure by scraping. [2/4 definitions]
abrasion the act or process of rubbing, scraping, or wearing away; friction. [1/2 definitions]
bream2 to clean (a ship's hull) of barnacles and other matter by applying heat and scraping.
curette a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop or loop and used for scraping a cavity of the body, esp. the uterus, in order to remove dead or unwanted tissue. [1/2 definitions]
curry2 to process (leather) for use, as by soaking, dyeing, or scraping. [1/2 definitions]
erase to remove (markings, characters, or the like) by rubbing or scraping away; expunge; efface. [1/4 definitions]
grate2 to make a sharp rasping noise, as of scraping. [1/5 definitions]
graze2 a light touching, brushing, or scraping action. [1/5 definitions]
mezzotint a method of engraving on roughened copper or steel by scraping and polishing areas to produce effects of light and shade. [1/3 definitions]
rasp the act of rasping, esp. the act of scraping wood with a coarse file. [1/8 definitions]
scrabble an act of grabbing, scraping, struggling, or climbing using or as if using the hands or claws. [1/4 definitions]
scrape the act, process, or sound of scraping. [2/13 definitions]
scraper any of numerous tools that are used for scraping.
scratch to mark or damage the surface of by scraping with or against something sharp. [3/22 definitions]
scuff to be or come to be damaged in appearance by scraping. [2/6 definitions]
swingle to clean (flax or hemp) by beating and scraping with a swingle. [1/2 definitions]