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choice an act of choosing or selecting; selection. [1/7 definitions]
choose to make a decision or selection. [1/4 definitions]
consider to think about as a possible selection or option. [1/7 definitions]
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is open long hours and that sells a limited selection of grocery items, especially snacks and beverages, as well as certain pharmaceutical and automotive items.
cross section a representative sample or selection of typical parts that reveals what the whole is like. [1/3 definitions]
Darwinian theory Charles Darwin's theory that plants and animals evolved from early primitive life forms with variation caused by natural selection and survival of the fittest. (See evolution.)
default in computing, selected automatically by a program or device in the absence of an active selection by the user. [1/14 definitions]
diet1 a special selection of food and drink, esp. for medical purposes or the correction of physical problems. [1/6 definitions]
draft the selection of one or more persons for a specified purpose or duty, as for compulsory military duty or for certain athletic teams. [1/16 definitions]
evolution the continuous modification and adaptation of organisms to their environments through selection, hybridization, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
fountain a counter in a store or restaurant at which one can purchase sodas and other ice cream dishes, and often a limited selection of other light food and drink, for consumption on the premises; soda fountain. [1/5 definitions]
fraternity a social organization of male college students which usu. has a name composed of Greek letters, and which has a strict selection and initiation procedure. (Cf. sorority.) [1/4 definitions]
kingmaker a person who is powerful enough to select, or influence the selection of, a political candidate or ruler.
market basket a selection of goods and services, esp. food, considered to represent a typical family's needs over a period of time, and used to calculate changes in the cost of living.
Neo-Darwinism a theory of evolution that denies the inheritance of acquired characteristics and asserts that natural selection determines evolution.
playlist a selection of audio or visual tapes played by a radio or television station.
popular vote a vote on a particular issue or in selection of an official carried out by individual voters, as opposed to a vote carried out by a locality's elected representatives. [1/2 definitions]
Psalter (sometimes l.c.) a book containing the Old Testament Psalms, or a version of or selection from the Psalms, for use in religious worship.
random in statistics, pertaining to the selection of a sample of a population, each member of which has theoretically the same chance of being selected. [1/3 definitions]
sampler a collection of various sorts of a product; selection. [1/3 definitions]
sampling the act or process of selecting a small representative set of things or persons from which an analysis of a whole group can be made; selection of a sample. [1/2 definitions]