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acuity sharpness or keenness, as of sense perception or understanding.
add up to bring one to a logical conclusion; to make sense.
admissible capable or deserving of being admitted or conceded; allowable, esp. in a legal sense.
affinity a strong sense of liking; a natural attraction or sympathy. [1/5 definitions]
allegorize to perceive or understand in an abstract or symbolic sense. [1/3 definitions]
artistic having a sense of discrimination or taste. [1/3 definitions]
auditory of or pertaining to hearing or the sense of hearing.
bat2 any of various usu. night-flying mammals that have wings that are covered with membranes, and that sense objects mostly by means of reflected sound waves rather than by vision.
bearing (often pl.) position in relation to other things; sense of direction. [1/5 definitions]
bloodhound a large hound with a particularly keen sense of smell, long ears, and baggy skin, used chiefly for tracking humans or animals.
caesura a break or hesitation in a line of verse, usu. necessitated by the sense of the words.
chemoreception the response of a sense organ or nerve ending to a chemical stimulus.
comprehend mentally or emotionally come to terms with or make logical sense of; grasp the reality of or reasons behind. [1/3 definitions]
confidence a sense of assurance, faith, or trust in a person or thing. [2/4 definitions]
confusion a sense of imbalance, lack of clarity, or bewilderment. [2/4 definitions]
connoisseur a person with the experience, expertise, and sense of appreciation to make informed judgments in a fine art or in matters of taste.
crackbrain a person without sense or reason; one who is insane.
daft lacking good sense; insane; witless. [1/2 definitions]
deaf partly or totally lacking the sense of hearing. [1/2 definitions]
delicious extremely pleasing or agreeable, esp. to the sense of taste or smell. [1/3 definitions]
desperately in a desperate way; with a sense of extreme urgency, need, or despair. [1/2 definitions]