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antisentimental combined form of sentimental.
barbershop of, for, or concerning the closely harmonized part singing of old-fashioned or sentimental songs. [1/2 definitions]
corn1 (informal) a joke, music, or the like considered trite or overly sentimental. [1/7 definitions]
corny of drama, foolishly sentimental or unoriginal. [1/2 definitions]
feeling (often pl.) a sentimental or romantic impulse. [1/10 definitions]
goo excessively sentimental language; drivel. [1/2 definitions]
gooey artificially or overly sentimental. [1/2 definitions]
gush an exaggerated display of unreserved emotional or sentimental language. [1/7 definitions]
gushy characterized by or inclined toward excessive emotional or sentimental display in communication or behavior.
heartthrob a loving or sentimental feeling. [1/3 definitions]
hokey (slang) obnoxiously sentimental. [1/2 definitions]
icky excessively emotional or sentimental. [1/2 definitions]
idyll a musical composition of a romantic, sentimental nature, often on a pastoral theme. [1/4 definitions]
maudlin foolishly sentimental or tearful.
mawkish overly and sickeningly sentimental. [1/2 definitions]
mushy (informal) excessively sentimental or emotional. [1/2 definitions]
nostalgia sentimental remembrance of or longing for people, places, possessions, or experiences of the past.
romantic inclined to idealize and be sentimental or passionate about those for whom one feels affection or admiration. [2/8 definitions]
sappy overly sentimental; mawkish. [1/3 definitions]
schmaltz (informal) extremely sentimental music, drama, or writing.
sentimentality the quality or condition, or an instance, of being sentimental, esp. in an excessive or affected way. [1/2 definitions]