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embark to set out on or begin some venture (usu. fol. by "on"). [1/4 definitions]
monopolize in business, to dominate or set out to dominate (an industry); maintain or acquire a monopoly over. [1/2 definitions]
particular set out in great detail; exact. [1/7 definitions]
place setting the dishes, glasses, and silverware set out on a table for each person's use at a meal.
sally to set out or depart, esp. with energy or vigor. [1/7 definitions]
spread (informal) a large meal, usu. set out on a table. [1/18 definitions]
stool pigeon pigeon set out as a decoy. [1/2 definitions]
studdingsail a light auxiliary sail that is set outside a working sail on an extensible boom, usu. in fair weather.