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ant bear a large, toothless, ant-eating mammal with a long snout, a sticky, extendable tongue, and a long shaggy tail; great anteater. [1/2 definitions]
aye-aye a nocturnal lemur found in Madagascar that has shaggy dark brown fur, a long bushy tail, large ears, long clawlike fingers, and strong rodentlike teeth.
bison a hoofed, shaggy, cud-chewing mammal with a large head and forequarters, short curved horns, and a hump at the shoulders, found in North America; buffalo. [1/2 definitions]
bushy resembling a bush; thick and shaggy. [1/2 definitions]
clean-cut not shaggy or shabby; neat; wholesome. [1/2 definitions]
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
Irish wolfhound a tall, slim, strong dog with a rough shaggy coat in shades ranging from white to mixtures of dark gray, and a head shaped like a terrier's.
puli1 a medium-sized sheep dog, bred originally in Hungary, having long hair that mats in shaggy coils.
raggedy ragged; torn; shaggy.
ragtag shaggy, unkempt, or decrepit; in poor condition; ramshackle.
Rocky Mountain goat a goatlike antelope, found esp. in the mountains of northwestern North America, that has short, black, backward-curving horns and a shaggy white coat.
shagbark hickory a North American hickory tree that has rough shaggy bark and bears small hard-shelled edible nuts.
wolverine a carnivorous North American mammal related to the weasel, with dark, shaggy fur, white markings on the face and body, and a bushy tail.
woodchuck any of various marmots, esp. one commonly found in northeastern North America that has a stocky body and shaggy gray-brown fur, lives in a burrow, and hibernates in winter; groundhog.