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cold war (cap.) the state of intense political and ideological hostility and competition for power that obtained between the communist Soviet Union and China and their allies, and the United States and its democratic allies, between the end of World War II and about 1990. The Cold War, always stopping short of direct military conflict, manifested in the arms race, the space race, and proxy wars in Vietnam, Korea, and the Middle East. [1/2 definitions]
manqué (French) falling short of one's goal; unfulfilled; frustrated.
scant just short of or barely equaling a certain measure. [1/6 definitions]
shortfall the act or fact of falling short of a desired or expected quantity or level, or the amount by which something falls short.
shy1 deficient or falling short of an expected or necessary amount or number. [1/7 definitions]
strapped (informal) short of funds or other resources.
substandard below or short of the expected or required standard. [1/2 definitions]
undershoot to shoot or launch a missile so that it falls short of (a target). [3 definitions]
wind1 to make short of breath. [1/14 definitions]
winded short of or out of breath. [1/2 definitions]