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A.D. abbreviation of "anno Domini" (Latin); in the year of the Lord, or, since the birth of Jesus Christ (used in designating dates).
as long as since. [1/3 definitions]
big bang theory the theory that the universe originated at a fixed point billions of years ago in a cosmic explosion of a mass of hydrogen atoms, and that it has been expanding ever since. (Cf. steady state theory.)
born characteristically so since birth; having innate talent for being; destined to be. [1/4 definitions]
Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992, a Balkan republic bordered by Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
Croatia since 1992, a Balkan republic bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina; formerly part of Yugoslavia.
Czech Republic since 1993, a Central European republic bordered by Germany, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Austria; formerly part of Czechoslovakia; Czechia.
European Union an economic and political union of a large number of democratic countries in Europe formed in 1993 from the former European Economic Community. Additional nations have joined since 1993, and one, the United Kingdom, had been a member originally but removed itself in 2020. The European Union currently consists of the member states Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Many of the countries share a common currency, the Euro.
for since; because. [1/13 definitions]
forasmuch inasmuch as; since.
go back to have existed for a certain amount of time or since a time in the past. [1/3 definitions]
Guinness Book of World Records a book published yearly since 1955 compiling thousands of world records including both human achievements and natural phenomena.
Hapsburg a member of a German noble family that has produced rulers of several European countries since the twelfth century, or the name of the family itself.
Harlem a section of northern Manhattan in New York City, mostly African American since the early 1900s and with a substantial Hispanic population, known for both its poverty and its cultural richness.
inasmuch as in light of the fact that; because; since. [1/2 definitions]
insomuch since; inasmuch (usu. fol. by "as"). [1/2 definitions]
Kuomintang the main political party of China from 1911 to 1948, and of Taiwan since 1948.
Mac brandname for "Macintosh" computer since 1998.
mental retardation the lack of one or more mental functions since birth, resulting in below-normal intelligence and inability to function adequately, caused by brain damage, disease, or congenital factors; mental deficiency.
Modern English the English language since the late fifteenth century.
Native American a member of any of the peoples who have lived in North, Central, or South America since the time before the Europeans arrived; American Indian. [1/2 definitions]