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blade the metal runner on an ice skate. [1/6 definitions]
figure skater an ice skater who is capable of tracing perfect figures onto the ice with the blade of his or her skate and executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
fisher spider any of a family of nursery-web spiders that have the ability to skate across and dive beneath the surface of water, also called a dock spider.
ice-skate to skate on ice.
in-line skate a roller skate consisting of a boot with wheels attached in a single line down the middle of the sole.
skate1 a shoe with either a blade or a set of small wheels attached to the sole, for use, respectively, on ice and on other hard surfaces; ice skate or roller skate. [1/2 definitions]
skateboard a flat, short, narrow board mounted on four roller-skate wheels, ridden in a standing position or used to perform athletic feats such as jumps and flips. [1/2 definitions]
speed skate an ice skate with a particularly long blade, used in racing. [2 definitions]