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accomplished well trained; skilled; expert. [1/3 definitions]
ace a person who is highly skilled in a particular field; expert. [1/7 definitions]
adept a very skilled person; expert. [1/2 definitions]
analyst someone trained or skilled in a particular type of analysis. [1/2 definitions]
arithmetician one skilled in arithmetic.
artificer a person skilled in designing and constructing things; inventor. [2 definitions]
artisan a person skilled in making things, esp. with the hands; craftsperson.
artist a person who is skilled at painting, sculpting, music, writing, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
artiste (informal) someone specially skilled at something (often used with humor or contempt). [1/2 definitions]
auk any of a group of web-footed, short-winged sea birds that live in colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere and are skilled at swimming and diving.
baker a person who bakes, esp. one who is highly skilled at baking or does it professionally. [1/2 definitions]
ball handler a basketball player who is particularly skilled at dribbling and passing the ball, or any player of a sport who has special skill in handling the sport's ball. [1/2 definitions]
bodyboard a buoyant board resembling a very short surfboard with one square end, ridden over surf usu. in a prone or squatting position, and with which a variety of skilled manoeuvres can be performed.
bushman a man who is skilled at living in the woods; woodsman. [1/2 definitions]
chef a skilled or professional cook, esp. one in charge of a hotel or restaurant kitchen.
consummate supremely skilled. [1/5 definitions]
conversationalist a person who takes pleasure in and is skilled at making conversation.
cowboy a man who is skilled in riding horses and roping, esp. one who competes in rodeos. [1/3 definitions]
cowgirl a young woman who is skilled in riding horses and roping, esp. one who competes in rodeos. [1/2 definitions]
craft a trade or skilled occupation, esp. one that involves skill with the hands. [2/6 definitions]
craftsman a man who practices a craft or skilled trade; artisan. [1/2 definitions]