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backhand a forward movement made with the back of the hand outward, as in a slap or a stroke with a tennis racket. [1/5 definitions]
clap a forceful, open-handed slap or blow. [1/11 definitions]
cuff2 to hit or slap, esp. with an open hand. [2 definitions]
lap3 to lightly splash or slap against. [2/6 definitions]
lick (informal) a cuff or slap; blow. [1/11 definitions]
slap to put, throw down, or the like with the sound of a slap. [2/8 definitions]
slap down to prohibit, suppress, or put an end to by, or as though by, a slap or sharp criticism.
smack2 to hit noisily, esp. with the hand open; slap. [3/9 definitions]
spank1 a slap or blow, usu. to the buttocks. [1/2 definitions]
swat to hit abruptly, as with an open hand or fly swatter; slap; smack. [2/4 definitions]
whomp (informal) a loud heavy blow, slap, or the like. [2/3 definitions]