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antisleep combined form of sleep.
arise to get up, as from sitting or sleep. [1/4 definitions]
arouse to awaken (a person or animal) from sleep. [1/4 definitions]
asleep into a condition of sleep. [1/7 definitions]
awake to wake (someone or something) from sleep; awaken. [2/6 definitions]
awaken to wake from sleep. [1/2 definitions]
awakening the act of waking up from sleep. [1/3 definitions]
bunk1 (informal) to sleep, esp. in any makeshift place. [1/3 definitions]
bunkhouse a building in which many workers can sleep, as on a large farm or ranch.
cabin cruiser a power-driven boat with a cabin so equipped that passengers can wash, cook, and sleep on board.
call to awaken (one) from sleep. [1/22 definitions]
catnap a brief, light sleep; doze. [2 definitions]
circadian denoting or concerning behavioral or physiological activities that recur at about twenty-four-hour intervals, such as sleep rhythms.
crash1 (slang) to sleep. [1/17 definitions]
crib death sudden infant death syndrome, the unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant, usu. occurring within the first year of life, and usu. occurring in the infant's sleep.
delta wave a low-frequency electric brain wave present during deep sleep in normal adults; delta rhythm.
deprogram to convince of the error of recently acquired beliefs, esp. those of a religious cult, by coercive means such as kidnapping, deprivation of sleep, and long interrogation and argumentation.
doze to sleep lightly, for a short time or fitfully. [2/3 definitions]
doze off to fall into a light sleep.
dream a series of images or visions that accompany sleep, or that occur during waking reverie. [4/13 definitions]
fall asleep to begin the process of sleep.