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brassie a wooden golf club with a brass-plated sole, used to hit long, low shots; a number two wood.
clog a shoe or sandal with a thick, usu. wooden sole. [1/7 definitions]
dermatoglyphics the patterns of skin ridges on the palm of the hand and sole of the foot. [1/2 definitions]
espadrille a sandal with a canvas upper and a sole of rubber or twisted fiber.
euro the primary currency unit of the European Union and the sole currency, in 2022, of nineteen participating member states: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. One euro equals one hundred cents. Some European countries that are not members of the European Union use the euro, and certain other nations are in the process of adopting the euro. [1/2 definitions]
exclusive closing out all others from sharing or participating in; sole. [1/5 definitions]
flatfish any member of an order of mainly saltwater fishes, such as the sole, halibut, or flounder, whose adult bodies are flat with both eyes on the upper side.
half sole a sole for a shoe or boot that extends from the instep to the toe.
hotfoot a practical joke in which a match is secretly placed between the sole and upper of someone's shoe and is lit. [1/3 definitions]
ice skate a sturdy shoe or short boot with a sharp blade attached to the sole, used for skating on ice.
in-line skate a roller skate consisting of a boot with wheels attached in a single line down the middle of the sole.
insole the portion of a shoe that touches the bottom of the foot; inner sole. [1/2 definitions]
lone without others of its kind; sole; single. [1/3 definitions]
lotus position in yoga, a sitting position in which the legs are crossed and each foot, with the sole upturned, is placed on the opposite thigh.
lumbricalis one of four similar muscles in the sole of the foot. [1/2 definitions]
mimic octopus a type of brown octopus that lives along the shallow muddy bottoms of river mouths off the coast of Southeast Asia that has the capability of mimicking toxic species, such as sole, lionfish, and seasnake.
moccasin a soft leather shoe or slipper without a hard sole or a heel, made originally by American Indians. [2/3 definitions]
monarch a sole, often hereditary ruler such as a king, queen, or emperor. [1/2 definitions]
one sole; only. [1/11 definitions]
only solely; as the sole instance. [2/8 definitions]
patented having a patent, a legal protection that allows an inventor the sole rights to make, use, or sell what he or she has invented for a particular period of time.