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accost to confront and speak first to, often aggressively. [1/2 definitions]
address to communicate with; speak to. [1/9 definitions]
air to speak about, usu. in public. [1/8 definitions]
apostrophize to speak or write as an address to a usu. absent person or personified object or idea. [1/2 definitions]
articulate spoken in clear and distinct words or syllables, or having a tendency to speak clearly and distinctly. [3/10 definitions]
babble to speak incoherently or with meaningless sounds. [3/8 definitions]
backbite to criticize harshly or speak badly of (an absent person).
badmouth (informal) to speak of in critical, unfair, or slanderous terms.
banter to speak to in a light and playful manner. [1/3 definitions]
Bantu a member of any of several peoples native to central and southern Africa who speak related languages. [1/2 definitions]
bark1 to speak in a harsh or brusque manner. [1/7 definitions]
befoul to speak ill of; disparage exceedingly. [1/2 definitions]
blackguard to speak to or about abusively; revile. [1/2 definitions]
blaspheme to speak with disrespect or impiety of (a deity or anything sacred). [1/2 definitions]
blather to speak idly or foolishly; chatter. [1/2 definitions]
bloviate to speak or write in a pompous and long-winded manner, often with little substance.
brag to speak with excessive pride in oneself, or anything or anyone associated with oneself; boast. [1/5 definitions]
bullshit (vulgar slang) to speak lies or boast. [1/5 definitions]
bumble1 to act or speak clumsily or blunderingly. [1/2 definitions]
burble to speak like a baby. [1/3 definitions]
cackle to laugh or speak with such a sound. [1/5 definitions]