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bewitch to enchant or cast a spell over with or as if with witchcraft. [1/2 definitions]
charm an action or utterance whose performance is believed to have magical effects; spell. [1/11 definitions]
curse an expression of a desire that someone or something might suffer lasting misfortune, or, in tales of magic, a spell that brings lasting misfortune. [2/9 definitions]
enchant to put under a magic spell, or as if under a magic spell; bewitch. [1/2 definitions]
enchanter one who casts a magic spell; sorcerer; magician. [1/2 definitions]
enchantment a magic incantation, charm, or spell, or an instance of casting such. [1/3 definitions]
fey in unnaturally high spirits; seeming as if under a spell. [1/3 definitions]
flurry a sudden, short spell of activity, agitation, excitement, or confusion. [1/4 definitions]
hex to put a spell or curse on, by means of witchcraft; put a hex on. [2 definitions]
incantation the words or sounds that are uttered or chanted as part of a magical ritual or spell, or the act of uttering such words or sounds. [2/3 definitions]
misspell to spell in an incorrect way.
mood1 a spell of bad humor, depression, or anger. [1/3 definitions]
Ouija trademark for a board having the alphabet and the numbers 1 through 10 printed on it, and a smaller board on casters which supposedly moves beneath one's fingers by power of spirits to spell out messages.
planchette a small platform, as on a Ouija board, on which the fingertips rest, their slight pressure causing the platform to move and spell out words with an attached pencil or by pointing to letters.
respell to spell again or in another way, such as in a phonetic system.
spasm any sudden or brief spell of vigorous activity, strong feeling, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
spellbind to hold fascinated, as though under a spell; enchant.
spellbinder someone or something that holds attention as if by a spell, such as a compelling orator or entertainer, or a fascinating book.
spellbound held in fascinated attention, as if by a spell.
spelt1 a past tense and past participle of spell1.
swoon a loss of consciousness; fainting spell. [1/3 definitions]