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acorn squash a variety of winter squash with a ridged acorn shape and dark green skin.
butternut squash a yellow, bell-shaped winter squash.
cocozelle a summer squash that resembles zucchini.
crookneck any of several varieties of squash that have one tapered, curved end.
gourd the fruit of any of a number of plants related to the squash, esp. the dried and decorative shells of some varieties. [1/3 definitions]
Hubbard squash a winter squash that has a yellow or green rind and yellow flesh.
paddle tennis a modified form of tennis, handball, and squash played on an outdoor court with wooden paddles and a rubber ball.
pattypan a round flattish type of summer squash that has a scalloped edge.
spaghetti squash a large roundish squash, the flesh of which is a mass of long thin strands.
squelch to crush or squash, by or as if by stepping on. [1/7 definitions]
summer squash any of various kinds of squash, esp. a yellow variety, that must be eaten soon after harvest.
winter squash any of several varieties of squash with thick hard rinds that can be stored for long periods.
zucchini a type of summer squash that has a smooth, dark green rind and is cucumber-shaped.