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bookstall a stall or stand at which books are sold, esp. secondhand.
booth a stall or compartment meant to accommodate one person or a small group. [2 definitions]
crib a cattle stall or feed trough. [1/12 definitions]
crib-biting the habit of horses to bite at wood, as of a stall or feed trough, and swallow harmful amounts of air while doing so.
stall1 to place or keep in a stall. [2/13 definitions]
stanchion a framework by which a cow may be secured in its stall. [1/4 definitions]
stand a usually outdoor counter, stall, or movable serving facility where goods are displayed and sold. [1/25 definitions]
thrush2 a foot disease in horses that is marked by discharge of pus, and results from standing in a damp, dirty stall. [1/2 definitions]