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dignified characterized by dignity of manner or expression; stately.
dowager a stately or dignified elderly woman, usu. of high social rank. [1/2 definitions]
grand impressive in size or appearance; majestic; stately. [1/6 definitions]
Junoesque of a woman, having full proportions and a stately bearing; statuesque.
largo in a slow, solemn, or stately manner (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
maestoso in a majestic, dignified, and stately manner (used as a musical direction).
majestic regal, imposing, or stately; of great dignity or grandness.
palace a large, often luxurious home; stately mansion. [1/3 definitions]
passacaglia a slow, stately dance originating in Spain. [1/3 definitions]
polonaise a slow, stately dance of Polish origin, consisting mainly of a promenade. [1/2 definitions]
proud stately; magnificent. [1/6 definitions]
saraband a stately Spanish court dance in three-four time. [1/2 definitions]