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Delmonico steak (sometimes l.c.) a beefsteak cut from the forward end of the short loin; club steak.
medium rare (of meat, esp. steak) cooked so that the outside is brown and the inside is red to pink.
minute steak a small, thin piece of steak, often cubed, that cooks quickly.
pot roast a whole cut of meat, usu. chuck or round steak, that is braised or stewed, usu. in a covered pot and with vegetables.
steak tartare raw ground beef mixed with onion, seasonings, and raw egg and eaten uncooked, sometimes as an appetizer; tartar steak.
Swiss steak a thick cut of steak coated with flour, pounded with a meat hammer or the like, braised, and served with a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables.
tartar steak raw ground beefsteak mixed with raw egg and seasonings and served with a garnish of parsley or capers; steak tartare.