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adamant a legendary stone of great hardness. [1/3 definitions]
aerolite a meteorite of stone rather than iron.
agate a playing marble made of, or colored to resemble, this stone. [1/2 definitions]
ark of the covenant according to the Old Testament, the sacred chest in which the ancient Hebrews carried the two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.
ashlar a squared block of stone. [1/3 definitions]
baldachin in architecture, a permanent canopy, as of stone, over an altar or other structure. [1/3 definitions]
beam a long, heavy timber or piece of metal or stone used as a major support in a building. [1/8 definitions]
Blarney stone a stone in Blarney Castle in Ireland, reputed to give the gift of blarney to those who kiss it.
block a piece of wood, stone, or the like to be used for engraving. [1/19 definitions]
bombard a primitive stone-throwing device, the precursor of the modern cannon. [1/4 definitions]
Bronze Age the stage or level of development of human culture that followed the Stone Age and was characterized by the use of bronze tools and weapons; about 3,500 B.C. to 1,000 B.C.
brownstone a dark reddish brown stone used as a building material. [2 definitions]
burin a pointed tool with a round handle, used for engraving metal or carving stone.
calculus an abnormal stonelike accumulation of mineral salts in an organ of the body, such as a kidney stone. [1/2 definitions]
cameo a stone carved so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another, often worn as jewelry. [1/3 definitions]
capstone the topmost or finishing stone of a structure. [1/2 definitions]
carving the act or product of carving in wood, stone, or the like.
cherry the edible fruit of the cherry tree, having a small, hard stone enclosed by yellow, red, or dark purple flesh. [1/5 definitions]
chisel a metal, wedge-shaped tool with a sharp edge, used for cutting stone, wood, or metal. [1/4 definitions]
chrysoprase a greenish form of chalcedony, sometimes used as a semiprecious stone.
clingstone having pulp that sticks closely to the stone, as in some peaches. (Cf. freestone.) [1/2 definitions]