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amenable willing to respond, agree, or submit; agreeable; pliable. [1/3 definitions]
arbitrate to submit to being settled or decided by arbitration. [2/4 definitions]
back-order to submit an order for (something) to be filled at a later time, as when (it) is available.
bow1 to yield or submit. [2/8 definitions]
defer2 to submit or yield to the desire, opinion, or judgment of another.
enter to record or submit, as on a list or computer interface. [1/11 definitions]
exhibit to submit as evidence in a legal proceeding. [1/8 definitions]
file1 to present, send, or submit. [2/7 definitions]
insubordinate unwilling to respect or submit to authority; disobedient. [1/2 definitions]
insubordination unwillingness to obey orders or submit to authority.
manuscript a text as prepared by the author to submit for publication. [1/3 definitions]
MS3 abbreviation of "manuscript," a text as prepared by the author to submit for publication.
place to submit or put forth. [1/20 definitions]
plow of land or earth, to submit to plowing; be broken or cut by a plow. [1/11 definitions]
probate to submit (a will) to probate; prove the authenticity and validity of. [1/3 definitions]
rape1 to force (an unwilling or legally incompetent person) to submit to sexual intercourse. [1/5 definitions]
rebellious unwilling to accept one's situation or submit to the will of others. [1/4 definitions]
resign to passively submit (oneself) to something disagreeable or disappointing. [1/5 definitions]
resubmit combined form of submit.
submissive inclined or obliged to submit; unresisting; obedient; docile.
surrender to give oneself up or over to someone or something; submit; yield. [1/5 definitions]