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corny (informal) of humor, lacking subtlety; obvious; trite. [1/2 definitions]
delicate agreeable to the senses because of fineness or subtlety. [1/7 definitions]
insidious dangerous through cunning, subtlety, and underhandedness. [1/2 definitions]
nice of great subtlety or fineness. [1/6 definitions]
obvious having no subtlety; transparent. [1/2 definitions]
refine of writing or speaking, to make clearer or more sophisticated through precision, subtlety, or elegance of wording. [1/4 definitions]
subtilize to discuss, argue, or propound with subtlety; make fine distinctions. [1/3 definitions]
supersubtlety combined form of subtlety.
underplay to perform (a theatrical role) with subtlety and restraint. [2/3 definitions]