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bluegill a common edible North American sunfish of freshwater lakes and streams.
bream1 any of several similar or related fish, such as sunfish, porgies, and bluegills. [1/2 definitions]
crappie either of two medium-sized members of the sunfish family, found in streams and lakes in the central and eastern United States.
globefish any of various fishes that have or are capable of assuming a spherical, globular shape, such as the ocean sunfish and the puffer.
panfish any freshwater fish small enough to be cooked whole in a frying pan, such as a sunfish.
redbreast a freshwater sunfish of the eastern United States. [1/2 definitions]
rock bass an edible, freshwater game fish of eastern North America, related to the sunfish.
sunfish see "ocean sunfish." [1/2 definitions]