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animal magnetism an internal biological force supposed by Franz Mesmer to induce hypnotism in others; biomagnetism.
arcanum formerly, a supposed secret law underlying all of nature, sought by alchemists. [1/3 definitions]
assumption that which is supposed or taken for granted. [1/5 definitions]
bedtime the usual time when one goes to bed or is supposed to go to bed.
boneset any of various plants of eastern North America that bear broad, flat clusters of small white flowers, used in folk medicine for their supposed healing qualities; thoroughwort.
clairvoyance the supposed supernatural ability to perceive events that have not yet occurred or things not directly available to the five senses. [1/2 definitions]
crystal gazing the practice of studying and interpreting images of future events, supposed to appear in a ball of polished glass or crystal.
defection the act of deserting or renouncing loyalty to something to which one is supposed to be loyal, such as one's country, duty, religion, or party. [1/2 definitions]
doomsday the day on which the Last Judgment is supposed to occur, at the end of the world. [1/2 definitions]
doppelgänger the supposed ghostly twin of a living person, esp. one that haunts a real person.
due supposed to arrive; awaited; expected. [1/7 definitions]
hell the supposed abode of evil spirits. [1/6 definitions]
hypothetical based on a premise rather than having substance in reality; supposed. [1/4 definitions]
lachrymatory a small vase often found in ancient Roman tombs, formerly supposed to have been used to collect the tears shed by mourners. [1/2 definitions]
luck the supposed force behind the apparently causeless or random occurrence of an event or events; fortune; chance. [1/2 definitions]
Mafioso a supposed member of the Mafia.
missing link a certain creature, not yet discovered, that would represent the supposed evolutionary stage between ape and man. [1/2 definitions]
numerology a study of such numbers as those denoting the year of one's birth, to determine their supposed influence on one's character and life.
omen the supposed meaning of such an incident; portent. [1/3 definitions]
open secret something supposed to be secret but actually widely known.
oversoul in transcendental philosophy, the supposed spiritual essence or vital force that animates and motivates all living things.