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abort to experience the end of a pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive. [2/6 definitions]
abortion the termination of a pregnancy before the fetus is able to survive. [1/4 definitions]
adaptation in biology, the process of change in an organism, over time, resulting in it being better able to survive and multiply. [1/4 definitions]
deathless likely to survive or be admired for a long time (sometimes ironic in intent). [1/2 definitions]
dependent one requiring the help of another in order to survive. [1/4 definitions]
eurytherm an animal or plant able to survive through broad variations in temperature. (Cf. stenotherm.)
eurytopic able to survive in a broad variety of environments. (Cf. stenotopic.)
exist to maintain one's being or survival; endure; survive. [1/3 definitions]
get along to survive or manage. [1/2 definitions]
get by to survive or keep going at the most basic level.
hang on to persevere in a difficult situation, or fight to survive or remain conscious. [1/6 definitions]
hardy able to endure or survive harsh weather or adverse conditions; not easily killed. [1/2 definitions]
hold on to keep oneself going; survive; endure. [1/5 definitions]
hold out to continue to last; survive; persevere. [1/3 definitions]
micrococcus any of various rounded or oval-shaped bacteria that appear in irregular clusters and survive on dead or living organic matter.
natural selection a natural process of evolution in which the organisms that are best adapted to their environment survive and are able to reproduce, while those that are weak leave fewer or no offspring. (See survival of the fittest).
outlive to live or last through; survive. [1/2 definitions]
proletariat the working class, esp. those who lack capital and must sell their usu. unskilled labor in order to survive.
pull through to survive a particular crisis or difficulty.
reincarnation the doctrine or religious belief that human souls survive physical death and return in new bodies. [1/2 definitions]
self-contained having within oneself or within itself all of the qualities, characteristics, or elements that are necessary to survive or function successfully. [1/3 definitions]