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backswing in sports, the first part of the swing of a bat, club, racket, or the like, in which it is swung toward the player's back in preparation for the forward swing.
bandleader the conductor of a band, esp. a big band or swing band.
big band the style of music played by a big band, such as swing and jazz dance music. [1/2 definitions]
dangle to let hang or swing loosely; cause to dangle. [1/3 definitions]
downswing a swing in a downward direction, as of a golf club. [1/2 definitions]
follow-through the final part of a stroke, kick, throw, or swing, as of a golf club after the ball has been hit. [1/2 definitions]
gate-leg table a table with gatelike leg units that swing out from the frame to support hinged leaves.
hinge a device, as on a door or lid, usu. consisting of two pieces connected at a joint so that one piece can open, close, or swing upon the other, stationary piece. [1/5 definitions]
hook in boxing, to swing at or hit with the arm bent. [1/19 definitions]
jitterbug a popular, improvised, and athletic dance of the 1940s done to jazz, swing, or boogie-woogie music. [1/3 definitions]
jive swing or jazz music. [3/6 definitions]
lash1 to swing or fling suddenly. [1/11 definitions]
lift a happier feeling; upward swing of emotion. [1/12 definitions]
monkey bars any of numerous arrangements of horizontal and vertical bars, used as playground equipment for children to climb on, swing from, and the like; jungle gym.
oscillate to swing steadily and repeatedly back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
oscillation a single swing or variation in one direction by something that oscillates. [1/2 definitions]
overswing combined form of swing.
pendulous hanging downward; suspended so as to swing or sway. [1/2 definitions]
pendulum a weight suspended on a long cord, wire, or lever so as to swing back and forth under the influence of gravity.
pivot to rotate, swing, or oscillate on or as if on a pivot. [2/6 definitions]
ring and pin game a game, traditionally played by many American Indian tribes, in which a ring is attached by a string to a stick, or pin, and players attempt to swing the ring up and over the stick.