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baldric a belt, often decorated, that is worn over the shoulder and diagonally across the body to carry a sword or bugle.
blade the cutting part of a knife, sword, scissors, or the like. [2/6 definitions]
broadsword a sword with a broad flat blade.
bullfight a ceremonial sport practiced esp. in Spain and Mexico in which banderilleros and picadors first goad and tire a specially bred bull, and then a matador with a cape and sword provokes the bull into charging him several times, and finally kills it.
cutlass a short thick sword with one cutting edge and usu. a curved blade.
Damascus steel hand-wrought steel, used esp. for sword blades, that is made by repeated folding and welding, thereby creating a pattern of wavy lines; damask steel.
Damocles in Greek legend, a man who was placed under a sword that hung by a single hair, to learn of the perilous nature of a ruler's life.
dragon tree a tree of the agave family with sword-shaped leaves and orange fruit, one source of dragon's blood.
dub1 to award the title of knight to by tapping or striking lightly on the shoulder, usu. with a sword. [1/2 definitions]
épée a fencing sword having a three-sided blade and a blunt circular tip guard.
Excalibur in Arthurian legend, King Arthur's magical sword.
falchion a short broad medieval sword with a slight curve in the blade near the point.
foible a sword blade's weaker part, from the middle to the point. [1/2 definitions]
foil3 a narrow lightweight sword with a flexible blade, a flat handguard, and a blunt point, used in fencing. [1/2 definitions]
forte1 a sword blade's stronger part, from the base to the middle. (Cf. foible.) [1/2 definitions]
hilt the part by which a sword, knife, tool, or the like is held; handle.
iris any of various related plants that have sword-shaped leaves and bear showy flowers on an upright spike, or the flower of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
matador the person who fights and attempts to kill the bull with a sword in a bullfight.
pink2 to pierce, stab, or prick, as with a sword. [1/3 definitions]
pommel the knob on a sword hilt. [1/3 definitions]
pummel to strike heavily with or as if with the fists, a sword, a club, or the like; beat. [2/3 definitions]