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crossbones an emblem consisting of two crossed bones, often beneath a skull, used to symbolize death.
Davy Jones a name used by sailors to symbolize the spirit of the sea.
emblem to symbolize or represent (something) by means of an emblem. [1/3 definitions]
herald to announce or symbolize the approach of; proclaim. [1/4 definitions]
palm2 a frond of such a plant, or a representation of a frond, often used to symbolize a victory or other notable achievement. [1/3 definitions]
personification a representation of a person, as in literature or art, that serves to symbolize or personify some quality or other abstraction. [1/3 definitions]
skinhead any member of various groups whose shaved heads symbolize rebellion, racism, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
stand for to symbolize or represent. [1/2 definitions]
token something that serves to represent, signal, or symbolize a feeling, value, event, or the like. [2/8 definitions]
truelove knot an ornamental double bowknot used to symbolize lasting love because it is difficult to untie.
typify to be an image or representation of; symbolize. [1/2 definitions]