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apical in phonetics, of or pertaining to consonants articulated with the tip of the tongue, such as "t" or "d". [1/2 definitions]
aspirate in phonetics, a speech sound pronounced with an audible release or rush of air, such as the initial "h," "t," "p," or "k" sounds in English. [1/5 definitions]
Caspar Milquetoast a timid, easily dominated character in the early twentieth-century comic strip The Timid Soul by H. T. Webster. [1/2 definitions]
crux ansata a T-shaped cross topped by a loop; ankh.
HIV abbreviation of "human immunodeficiency virus," the retrovirus that causes the disease AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system.
human immunodeficiency virus the retrovirus that causes the disease AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system; HIV.
mechanical drawing descriptive precision drawing, often to scale, that is done with the aid of such implements as T squares, compasses, and French curves; drafting. [1/2 definitions]
plosive in phonetics, produced by the complete stoppage, then sudden forceful release of the breath, such as the sounds of the consonants "p," "b," and "t". [1/2 definitions]
Saint Anthony's cross a cross in the form of a T; tau cross.
squeegee a T-shaped tool that has a rubber-edged blade on a handle and is used to sweep water or other liquid from or across a surface such as a window. [1/2 definitions]
t something shaped like a T, such as a three-way road intersection, or the baron a ski lift. [2/3 definitions]
T-bar a metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T. [2 definitions]
T-bone steak a cut of tenderloin meat characterized by its T-shaped bone.
tee1 the letter "T" or "t". [2 definitions]
tee shirt variant of T-shirt.
thymosin any of several hormones secreted by the thymus that stimulate the immune system by promoting the development of T cells.
T square a T-shaped ruler having a short crosspiece that fits over the edge of a drawing board, used by drafters to draw parallel lines.
T-strap a T-shaped strap over the instep of a woman's or girl's shoe. [1/2 definitions]
Tyrannosaurus rex a large carnivorous North American dinosaur of the Cretaceous period that had small forelimbs and walked on its hind legs (often shortened to "T. rex"); Tyrannosaur.
wind tee a large T-shaped weather vane, usu. found on or near airfields.