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arras a richly woven tapestry. [2 definitions]
cartoon a preliminary design, usu. full-scale, to be transferred to a wall or wall hanging for a fresco or tapestry. [1/5 definitions]
crewel a thin worsted yarn used for embroidery, tapestry, and edging, or a work made with this yarn.
Gobelin of, like, or designating a tapestry, usu. a richly pictorial one, made at a factory in France that was established in the fifteenth century by a family of dyers and weavers. [2 definitions]
hanging an object of art, such as a tapestry, that is hung on a wall. [1/5 definitions]
petit point embroidery done on a canvas backing and resembling woven tapestry. [1/2 definitions]
tapestry to put or use tapestry on. [1/3 definitions]