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Anne Sullivan a U.S. educator who pioneered techniques for teaching the blind, deaf-blind, and visually impaired through her work with Helen Keller (b.1866--d.1936).
catechetical of, like, or consisting of teaching by means of questions and answers, as in a catechism.
determinism the belief or teaching that every effect, including human thoughts and actions, is completely and predictably determined by preceding causes and that, therefore, free will does not exist.
didactics (used with a sing. verb) the science or art of teaching; pedagogy.
doctrine something that is advocated or taught; teaching. [1/3 definitions]
educationist a person specializing in the methods and theories of teaching or education, often one considered to be out of touch with the actual practice of teaching.
free school a school that is an alternative to the traditional public and private schools, with a flexible approach to teaching.
grammarian a person who specializes in the study or teaching of grammar.
historiographer one who specializes in analyzing, teaching, or developing the techniques, principles, and theories of historical scholarship. [1/2 definitions]
institute a college teaching a specialized subject matter, such as art or technology. [1/5 definitions]
instruction the act of imparting knowledge; teaching. [1/2 definitions]
Jainism a dualistic Hindu religion founded in India in the sixth century B.C., emphasizing asceticism, teaching transmigration of the soul, and regarding the worship of the gods as spiritually unimportant.
look-say method a method of teaching reading that uses memorization and recognition of entire words rather than associating letters with sounds.
meditate to engage in a disciplined act of self-forgetful concentration, often under the guidance of a religious teaching or master. [1/3 definitions]
Montessori method a system for teaching young children that encourages self-motivated education, the training of the senses, and early development of reading and writing skills.
new math a system of teaching mathematics based on set theory, used in many U.S. elementary and secondary schools since the middle of the twentieth century.
nonteaching combined form of teaching.
overhead projector a machine, used in teaching, that projects a transparency upon a mirror, which then reflects it in enlarged form upon a wall.
pacifism the teaching that war is an unnecessary and unacceptable alternative to other means of dispute resolution between nations. [1/2 definitions]
pedagogic of or concerning teaching or teachers. [1/2 definitions]
pedagogy the art or technique of teaching. [2 definitions]