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above appearing earlier in the same text. [1/9 definitions]
affricate a speech sound that results from a stoppage of breath followed by a release at the same point of articulation, such as the "ch" sound in "chip".
after with the same name as. [1/12 definitions]
aftershock a small earthquake or a series of small earthquakes that follows a larger one and that originates at or near the same epicenter.
again used to emphasize an idea that one has earlier expressed in the same conversation, speech, or text. [1/5 definitions]
agemate one of approximately the same age as another; contemporary; peer.
agree to have the same opinion (often fol. by "with"). [1/6 definitions]
air-fuel pertaining to the air and fuel injected at the same time into a combustion engine.
align to bring (something) into the same line as another. [1/6 definitions]
alike to the same degree or in a like manner. [1/2 definitions]
alliteration repetition of the same consonant sound in the stressed or initial syllables of words in a phrase or sentence.
allogeneic belonging to the same species but genetically different.
allograft a tissue graft in which the donor and recipient are of the same species but are genetically different.
allomorph any of several alternate structural forms of the same chemical compound; paramorph. [1/2 definitions]
alpha having the dominant position among other members of the same sex within a group; top. [1/3 definitions]
analogy a statement of logic wherein one set of paired items has the same relationship between its two members as two items of another set. [1/5 definitions]
anaphylaxis extreme allergic reaction to a substance, typically a foreign protein or drug, following a previous exposure to the same substance.
and so forth with more of the same type. [1/2 definitions]
and so on with more of the same type. [1/2 definitions]
Anglican of or pertaining to the Church of England or churches of the same origin and communion. [2 definitions]
another one that is just the same; an additional one. [1/5 definitions]