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about in various directions, or in no particular direction; here and there. [1/12 definitions]
absurd of, showing, or relating to the belief that there is no order or meaning in human existence or in the universe. [1/3 definitions]
ambassador a high-ranking official sent by one nation to another either to carry out a specific diplomatic mission or to serve in residence there. [1/3 definitions]
Annapolis the U.S. Naval Academy located there. [1/2 definitions]
argument a discussion in which there is disagreement along with presentation of various sides of an issue. [1/6 definitions]
around in or to places within an area; here and there. [1/13 definitions]
atheism the belief that there is no God.
atheist one who believes that there is no god or gods.
austerity a tightened or stringent economy, as when there are high taxes, frozen wages, and shortages of consumer goods. [1/3 definitions]
ball2 a large social function at which there is formal dancing. [1/2 definitions]
beachcomber a person who lives by finding and selling miscellaneous items that wash ashore or are discarded there. [1/2 definitions]
beach grass any of several tough, deeply rooted perennial grasses that grow wild on beaches and are sometimes planted there to combat erosion.
bichloride a chemical compound in which there are two atoms of chlorine for each atom of another element or group; dichloride.
bill of health a certificate given to a ship captain in one port, stating whether there is any infectious disease in the port or aboard the ship at the time of departure, to be shown on entering the next port.
bruise an injury in which there is no break or rupture in the skin; black-and-blue mark. [1/4 definitions]
Byzantine of or pertaining to Byzantium, the empire once centered there, or its culture, artifacts, institutions, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
carpenter bee any of various types of bee that bore tunnels in wood and lay their eggs there.
certified check a check bearing the issuing bank's guarantee that there is enough money on deposit to cover the check.
checkup an examination of a person or thing to discover if there are any problems
community spread the spread of an infectious disease within a community, especially the spread within a community where there are infected individuals who cannot trace the source of their infection and have not traveled to areas where there are known cases of the disease.
Confiteor a prayer at the beginning of the Roman Catholic Mass, in which there is a confession of sins.