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bismuth a chemical element that has eighty-three protons in each nucleus and is a white brittle crystalline metal with very low thermal and electrical conductivity, used chiefly in alloys and medicines. (symbol: Bi)
Btu abbreviation of "British thermal unit" or "British thermal units," a unit of heat equal to the amount needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit, or equal to about 252 calories.
diffusion a mixing of molecules of different substances, that results from random thermal motion. [1/3 definitions]
Johnson noise the thermal background noise heard on a radio receiver.
lagging thermal insulation that is wrapped around pipes, boilers, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
perlite a volcanic glass with distinctive concentric cracks, used in the manufacture of concrete and plaster, and thermal and acoustic insulation.
phonon a quantum of sound or vibrational energy that is used to calculate the thermal and vibrational properties of solids. (Cf. photon.)
quad5 a unit of energy equal to one quadrillion British thermal units.
superfluidity the condition of liquid helium below 2.18 degrees Kelvin, characterized by frictionless flow and very high thermal conductivity.
thermic of, pertaining to, or resulting from heat; thermal.