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all- throughout (a specified time). [1/4 definitions]
Arawak a member of an Indian people once widespread throughout the West Indies, now living chiefly in northern South America. [1/2 definitions]
blue fox the arctic fox during its summer bluish gray phase, or a mutant of the arctic fox that is this color throughout the year. [1/2 definitions]
boogie-woogie strongly rhythmic piano jazz in which the melody is accompanied throughout by a repeated bass pattern that uses chiefly eighth notes.
cabala a mystical system of scriptural interpretation that originated in Judaism and was conveyed throughout medieval Europe. [1/2 definitions]
cata- completely; throughout. [1/4 definitions]
chant a song, esp. one which is sung on the same note or few notes throughout. [1/7 definitions]
circulatory of or pertaining to the circulatory system, the system of bodily organs, including the heart, arteries, and veins, that send blood and lymph throughout the body and return it, no longer containing oxygen, to the heart. [1/2 definitions]
congress (cap.) a two-year session of the U.S. House of Representatives, with the same members throughout. [1/7 definitions]
during throughout the existence or duration of. [1/2 definitions]
evergreen of trees, shrubs, and the like, having leaves that remain green throughout the year. (Cf. deciduous.) [1/3 definitions]
from stem to stern from one end to the other; throughout the whole.
Greenwich time the solar time that is determined at the prime meridian through Greenwich, England, and that is used to calculate and regulate time throughout most of the world; Greenwich mean time.
guided missile a missile that is capable of being guided throughout its flight until arrival at its target. (See ballistic missile.)
Gypsy one of a nomadic people, originally from India, now found throughout the world. [1/3 definitions]
historical materialism the Marxist principle holding that economic factors are predominant in forming and shaping social and political structures throughout history.
homogeneous having the same structure, nature, or texture throughout; uniform. (Cf. heterogeneous.) [1/2 definitions]
homogenize to make the same throughout in structure, nature, or consistency; make homogeneous. [1/2 definitions]
interpenetrate to penetrate throughout; permeate. [1/3 definitions]
justify to make (margins or lines of type) even throughout a text by setting the spacing of each line. [1/5 definitions]
lattice in physics, the regularly spaced arrangement of points or matter throughout a space, as in a crystal. [1/3 definitions]