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balk a heavy beam or timber used in building construction. [1/7 definitions]
beam a long, heavy timber or piece of metal or stone used as a major support in a building. [1/8 definitions]
boom2 a floating enclosure, made of chains or ropes, that is used to confine floating objects such as boats and timber. [1/5 definitions]
broadax an ax with a wide blade and a short handle, used as a weapon or for cutting down timber.
buttonwood a North American tree related to the sycamore, which bears a nonedible button-shaped fruit and yields hardwood suitable for timber.
crosstie a transverse timber or rod used to support a longitudinal beam or rail. [1/2 definitions]
deodar a tall cedar with drooping branches and fragrant, light red, durable wood, used as timber.
Douglas fir a tall evergreen timber tree of western North America that has hard durable wood and short needles, and bears narrow cones.
dress to prepare (stone, ore, timber, skins, or the like) by a special process. [1/11 definitions]
dry rot a fungus decay of seasoned timber that causes it to become brittle and crumble into a dry powder, or the fungus causing this decay. [1/3 definitions]
gray wolf a large grayish wolf that hunts in packs, formerly common in North America; timber wolf.
groundsill the lowest horizontal timber in the framework of a building.
keelson a timber or girder in the hull of a ship, fastened above and parallel to the keel to add structural strength.
lobo the gray or timber wolf native to the western United States.
natural resource a source of economic wealth and prosperity that derives from nature, such as fresh water, mineral deposits, timber, wildlife, and park land.
pulpwood soft timber, such as spruce or pine, that is used to make pulp for paper.
ridgepole the horizontal beam or timber along the top of a sloping roof. [1/2 definitions]
sawyer someone who saws timber as an occupation. [1/2 definitions]
scarf2 the notched end of a piece of timber cut so it may be overlapped and joined with another piece. [2/4 definitions]
sill a heavy, horizontal timber or beam that serves as a load-bearing support for the wall of a building. [1/2 definitions]
souari any of several trees of tropical South America that bear large edible nuts and are used as timber.