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Bahai a modern Iranian religion that is based on a doctrine of universal brotherhood, the equality of the sexes, and total religious tolerance.
fed up at or beyond the limit of one's patience or tolerance.
forbear to show patience or tolerance in spite of provocation. [1/3 definitions]
grandmotherly having qualities considered normal for grandmothers, such as amused tolerance. [1/2 definitions]
illiberal lacking tolerance; bigoted.
impose to force one's own needs or desires upon others, as by interrupting, or by presuming upon another's tolerance or generosity. [1/3 definitions]
liberality an attitude of tolerance and respect for individual differences. [1/3 definitions]
pesticide-resistent of or pertaining to a pest population that has evolved tolerance to one or more pesticides.
pest-resistant of or pertaining to a plant variety that has higher than normal tolerance to one or more pests, used esp. in reference to plants that have been genetically modified for the purpose of increasing tolerance to pests.
toleration the act or an instance of accepting or allowing; tolerance. [1/2 definitions]
understanding sympathy or tolerance toward other people. [1/9 definitions]