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Berlin Wall a barrier first erected in 1961 that separated West Berlin from East Berlin, eventually fortified and extended to create a border between West Germany and East Germany, and ultimately opened to unrestricted transit on November 9, 1989, prior to being dismantled.
floater an insurance policy for property in transit or frequently moved. [1/4 definitions]
lunitidal interval the period of time between the moon's transit and the next high lunar tide.
ridership the people who use a particular form of public transit, or the number of such people.
transit instrument a telescope mounted so that it can be rotated only along a longitudinal meridian, used to observe and measure the transit time of celestial bodies across that meridian.
trunk a large strong container, often rectangular and usu. lockable, that can be used to pack goods for long-term storage or transit; chest. [1/10 definitions]