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be- to cause to be; treat as; make (used to change nouns, adjectives, and intransitive verbs into transitive verbs). [1/3 definitions]
en- to cause to be (used to form transitive verbs). [1/2 definitions]
intransitive an intransitive verb. [1/2 definitions]
intransitive verb a verb that is not followed by a direct object. In the sentence, "I ran for an hour," "ran" is an intransitive verb.
neuter in grammar, of or denoting an intransitive verb or one that is neither active nor passive. [2/9 definitions]
transitive a transitive verb. [1/3 definitions]
transitive verb a verb that is followed by a stated direct object. In the sentence, "I teach math," the word "teach" is a transitive verb and "math" is the direct object.