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aggro (chiefly British; informal) trouble; annoyance; irritation. [1/2 definitions]
bailout a giving of support to someone in trouble. [1/3 definitions]
bane something or someone that causes ruin or great trouble. [1/2 definitions]
beset to trouble constantly; harass. [1/2 definitions]
bothersome causing trouble; annoying.
cloud to make sad or otherwise difficult; trouble. [1/8 definitions]
comfort to give (someone) relief and strength in trouble or distress. [3/5 definitions]
cumbersome causing trouble or unwanted exertion. [1/2 definitions]
difficulty trouble or lack of ease in being able to do something. [3/6 definitions]
discommode to inconvenience or trouble.
dismay to trouble or disillusion. [1/4 definitions]
distress a state of extreme need or trouble. [1/4 definitions]
disturb to make nervous or uneasy; trouble. [1/3 definitions]
fair-weather not to be depended on in times of trouble. [1/2 definitions]
gnaw to annoy, afflict, or trouble, esp. over a period of time. [1/6 definitions]
harass to trouble or disturb repeatedly or persistently. [1/2 definitions]
hassle (informal) to bother, badger, or cause trouble for. [1/4 definitions]
hotfoot to move in haste, usually to avoid trouble or danger; hurry. [1/3 definitions]
hotfoot it to move away with haste on foot, usually to avoid trouble or danger.
ill evil or harm; trouble. [1/11 definitions]
inconvenience to cause trouble or extra effort for. [1/3 definitions]