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firkin a small wooden tub or keg. [1/2 definitions]
hoop a circular band of metal used to hold together the strips that form the sides of a barrel, cask, or tub. [1/7 definitions]
hot tub a large round tub, usu. of wood and often outdoors, used recreationally, as by several persons soaking together in hot water.
sitz bath a chairlike tub or basin used for bathing the hips and buttocks.
sponge bath a cleansing of the body with a wet sponge or cloth rather than washing in a tub or shower.
tub to place, pack, or store in a tub. [1/4 definitions]
vat a very large container, such as a barrel, tub, or tank, used for holding or storing liquids, esp. at stages in a manufacturing process. [1/2 definitions]
washtub a large tub used for soaking, washing, and rinsing clothes.