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aberrant turning aside from what is natural, right, or true; perverse. [1/2 definitions]
angle1 the space between the lines of such a figure as measured in degrees, the number of which reflects the amount of turning that would be required to move one of the lines so that it meets and overlaps the other. [1/10 definitions]
brace a tool used for holding and turning wood-boring bits. [1/10 definitions]
cartilage a tough, white, elastic connective tissue forming a major component of the skeletons of fetuses and young vertebrates, and turning largely to bone as the organism matures. [1/2 definitions]
christie (sometimes cap.) in skiing, any of several maneuvers for turning, slowing down, or stopping, esp. while keeping the skis parallel.
clockwise in or turning in the direction in which a clock's hands turn. (Cf. counterclockwise.)
combination lock a lock operated by turning a dial to a set series of numbers or letters.
dextrorotation rotation or turning of the plane of polarized light to the right.
dextrorotatory turning to the right. (Cf. levorotatory.) [1/2 definitions]
dial to select (numbers or other symbols) on a telephone by turning a dial, pressing buttons, or tapping a screen. [1/8 definitions]
differential in machinery, a system of gears allowing two or more shafts powered by the same source to turn at different speeds, as in the drive wheels of an automobile when it is turning; differential gear. [1/8 definitions]
diversion an act or instance of turning aside or deflecting. [1/3 definitions]
eversion the act of turning or being turned inside out or outward.
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container; tap; spigot.
fell2 to finish (a seam) by turning under the raw edges and stitching them down. [1/3 definitions]
fold1 to mix in (a cooking ingredient) by gently and repeatedly scooping up part and turning it over the rest. [1/16 definitions]
freewheel a device in the rear hub of a bicycle that lets the rear wheel continue turning after the pedals are stopped. [2/4 definitions]
gee1 to change or cause to change direction by turning right. (Cf. haw3.) [1/2 definitions]
grind to operate by turning a handle or crank. [1/12 definitions]
hand organ a portable barrel organ that is played by turning a crank by hand.
hibernation in computing, a mode of partial deactivation for an idle computer that saves power and allows a quick restart by storing the contents of RAM in a stable location before turning the machine off. [1/3 definitions]