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bombazine a finely woven twill cloth of silk or rayon with wool, often dyed black for use as mourning clothes.
Cheviot (l.c.) a woolen fabric of a coarse twill weave, usu. used for coats and suits. [1/2 definitions]
chino a rough, cotton fabric with a twill weave. [1/2 definitions]
covert cloth a twill cloth made of wool, used for suits and lightweight overcoats.
foulard a soft, thin, woven or twill fabric of silk, rayon, or cotton, usu. with a small print design. [1/2 definitions]
gabardine a sturdy fabric of rayon, cotton, or wool twill.
surah a soft silk or rayon cloth in a twill pattern.
ticking a strong, closely woven, usu. twill fabric of cotton or linen, used in casings for mattresses and pillows.
tweed a coarse, rugged woolen cloth woven in a twill pattern, used esp. for coats and suits. [1/2 definitions]
twill to weave in a twill pattern of diagonal lines. [1/3 definitions]
twilled woven as or in a twill, so as to have parallel diagonal ribs.